The Commission’s Work

Formed to educate the community and advise the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors and other entities on issues relating to the conditions of women in the county.

Our mission is to improve the economic status, social welfare, and overall quality of life for women in Contra Costa County.


The number one piece of actionable work the Contra Costa County Commission for Women & Girls is primarily dedicated to advising the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors.

Assisting with potential legislation or relevant topics, along with educational events for the community as a whole are where the commission has its primary impact.

If there is an important topic for the commission to discuss and potentially bring up for the Board of Supervisors, please let us know through the form below.

Our goals for the 2020 year

  • To provide a focal point for issues related to women and girls in Contra Costa County

  • To educate and advise the Board of Supervisors and the public on issues relating to the changing social and economic conditions of women and girls in the county with particular emphasis on the economically disadvantaged

  • To offer referrals to resources for women who need assistance with issues such as sexual harassment, child support, child abuse, or domestic violence

  • To legislatively advocate on behalf of women and girls

  • To organize and co-sponsor conferences, forums, and public hearings which address issues related to women and girls