• Seminars in collaboration with the Workforce Development Board- Women as Entrepreneurs

  • The Commission sponsored one of the 14 venues Nationwide to hold the first screening of “Equal Means Equal,” a powerful documentary about the status of women in our nation and a launch of the effort to pass an Equal Rights Amendment in the United States

  • 13th Biennial Women’s Hall of Fame, Cookie Project, and first Women’s Equality Day at Pittsburg High School serving outreach to over 1,100 young girls


  • Addition of webinars for seminar events


  • Initial Cookie Project

  • 12th Biennial Hall of Fame


  • Women in Leadership Panel Discussion- the Commission hosted the first Women in Leadership Panel discussion focusing on the importance of having women in leadership roles. Panelists included leaders from Bank of the West, Dow Chemical, East Bay MUD, Chevron, and AT&T


  • 11th Biennial Hall of Fame


  • Girl on Girl Violence Educational Forum- an educational forum held at Diablo Valley College discussing the effects of Girl on Girl violence and what girls, parents, and educators can do to stop bullying


  • 10th Biennial Hall of Fame

  • Girl on Girl Violence Report follow-up


  • Girl on Girl Violence Report- conducted a study to learn about the nature of girl on girl violence in the high schools of Contra Costa County


  • 9th Biennial Hall of Fame


  • 8th Biennial Hall of Fame- Transitioned to biennial instead of annual event


  • Commission transitioned to accepting donations to support activities instead of fundraising


  • Budget reduced due to budget cuts

  • Police Panel- educated commissioners on gender equality in policing

  • Conducted a survey of police and sheriff’s departments regarding Men, Women and Police Excessive Force. Summary of surveys revealed ideas and current policies to help women enter a career in law enforcement and the challenges faced in recruiting, hiring, and maintaining a gender-balanced staff

  • The Friends of the Commission established to support the Commission with volunteers and funding.

  • Collaborated with the Contra Costa Circle whose parent association is the California Women's Agenda

  • 6th Annual Hall of Fame


  • 5th Annual Hall of Fame

  • Hosted the Sister to Sister Summit for middle school girls


  • Nine and Counting: The Women of the Senate - Distributed 50 copies of the book to each of the high school libraries in Contra Costa County. The book was written about nine U.S. Senators and the path each followed to leadership in the U.S. Senate


  • Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) resolution- passage of resolution regarding support of CEDAW. CEDAW is the United Nations’ Treaty ensuring equal protection for women and girls including economic development, education, safety, and healthcare. Adopted in 1979 by the UN General Assembly, it is often described as the international bill of rights for women. The Board of Supervisors passed unanimously resolution no. 99/551 in recognition and support of CEDAW


  • At the Committee’s request, the Board changed the name to the Contra Costa Commission for Women


  • The Committee applied for and received non-profit status - 501(c)4

  • Membership increased from 15 to 25 members


  • Due to changes in federal legislation, the Private Industry Council was no longer able to co-sponsor the committee

  • The CCC Board of Supervisors agreed to continue the sponsorship of the committee and their budget

  • The CCC Board of Supervisors changed the name of the committee to the Contra Costa Women’s Advisory Committee


  • The CCC Board of Supervisors continued the committee with no sunset date


  • The Board signed an order extending the life of the committee through February 29, 1989


  • The Board designated the Task Force as a committee on the Employment and Economic Status of Women

  • The Board agreed to co-sponsor the committee with the Private Industry Council, with each sponsor providing 50% of the budget’s funding


  • The Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors established the Commission as a Task Force on the Employment and Economic Status of Women with the mission to develop and analyze the County employment profile, determine the status of the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) services to women, develop a profile of CETA female participants and prepare analysis of findings and recommendations to the Board